Parquet Flooring

Natural flooring from oak to walnut
Parquet is the classic among floor coverings. Hardly surprising as only real wood brings this natural atmosphere into a room. Whether it’s oak parquet, walnut, maple or cherry, as a plank or in herringbone everyone will find their personal favourite parquet at Atelier Innovation.

Extremely stable and durable
Extremely durable and tough, The reason for this is the special technical construction with an extremely stable and high-quality HDF middle layer (HDF = High density fibreboard). It stabilises the surface and largely makes it insensitive to pressure. Due to this heavy HDF board our parquet is also exceptionally quiet: a greater mass means less vibrations. Thanks to the use of an HDF middle layer the parquet’s own weight is increased by about 50 percent. The result: less vibrations, less room noise – more quiet.

Parquet for underfloor heating – even with floating installation
Parquet can be installed on underfloor heating without any problems as it transports the heat to the surface quickly without losing much energy. The reason is in contrast to standard spruce boards, in the high density HDF middle layer there are hardly any air pockets that might have a heat insulating effect. Thus, the heat from the underfloor heating gets to where it should, your room, unhindered. This not only guarantees a high level of living comfort but also optimised heating costs.

The Classic parquet collection is the basic range from MEISTER. Here you can find timelessly beautiful parquet flooring in three different formats and various woods such as oak, maple or walnut. By the way: Classic parquet is a really uncomplicated flooring. A great deal is much easier than you think from transporting to installing and cleaning the parquet flooring

The Style collection’s parquet floors deliver what their name promises. They are stylish but at the same time modern and unusual. Distinctive cracks and visible signs of ageing bring the used look to life here. With the format you can choose between spacious planks or a square format, that reinterprets the classic laying pattern.

Long planks have always created spacious and elegant looking rooms. The Penta collection’s parquet floors are impressive evidence of this: at up to more than four metres long and with select oak surfaces this floor shows its greatness. The elaborately finished planks with their stylish naturally oiled or matt lacquered oak surfaces and special marked joints stand out due to their extremely natural character.

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