Quality Policy

We are passionate about emphasizing quality through our continuous improvement initiatives. Our entire business has been mapped against customer requirements with the aim of bolstering the culture of client delight. We have also developed and implemented real time quality management system supporting processes such as document control, audit & review report and correction of non conformance. We deploy competent quality Engineers to each site and review the quality of our output for years after handing over.

We are ISO 9001:2008 certified

Our employees are our guarantee of quality Every one of our projects is brimming with experience gathered over several decades and that’s included as standard, We also have experienced employees to thank for our consistent high quality levels. A team of specialists in design, function, construction, production and sales spends every day working hard to achieve this. Many of them have spent years at this industry and have become familiar with every step, every process and every product. Their knowledge and passion for interior fit-out projects are channelled into intricacies.

Health & Safety

The most valued asset at Atelier Innovation is our people and nothing is more important than providing them a safe working environment. Health and safety of our people is beyond priority, a core value deeply rooted in our culture and well reflected in every operational aspect. It is an all-pervasive mindset that embeds considerations of workplace safety, employee wellbeing and environmental protection in every employee action. Our goal is nothing short of zero incidents at all of our worksites every day. We believe that such performance is achievable with the uncompromising commitment and diligence of every Atelier Innovation employee.

We are OHSAS 18001:2007 certified

We are well aware that what gets measured is what gets done. Atelier Innovation has gone to extraordinary lengths to document all aspects of performance with respect to safety and to use this as feedback to our operation groups. In addition, all our people are fully aware that safe practice is among the top criteria when it comes to project and personal performance evaluation

The tenants of Mission Zero are embodied in the following five commitments:

• Communicate the Mission ZERO goal throughout as a core value. Safety culture begins at new-hire orientation and continues through daily and weekly huddles, and ongoing training and re-training programs.

• Instil safety discipline is an effort to continually reduce accidents, injuries, and near misses. The Mission ZERO Goal is a worksite that is incident and injury free in every task, every day.

• Empower employees to develop, maintain and disseminate an incident free way of thinking at their worksite.

• Ensure that our commitment to safety and health is reflected in day-to-day operations at all levels.

• Demonstrate continuous improvement in health and safety performance and establish recognized leadership in safety performance among our employees, customers, partners, subcontractors, suppliers and the communities in which we work.